Meet The Sisters Behind Okhtein X Grail

Okhtein-us Admin @ 2020-02-03 15:25:56 +0200

Not all brands are revolutionary, but Okhtein is surely just that. The Cairo based founders and sisters (hence the brandname), Mounaz and Aya Abdelraouf, have been melodiously blending fashion, art, and celebration of heritage. The duo are here to raise the standards for accessories' design in the Middle East beyond return. Not only that, but they made their name the brightest in the field, shining with their signature medieval motifs along with a zesty modern edge. Okhtein carved their place in our hearts so masterfully and became the favorites of the most buzzed about A-listers like Beyoncé, Gigi Hadid, Halsey, and more.

Launching in 2014, a bleak time for the fashion scene that craved some creativity, Okhtein stepped in with an insight that set them apart from any other brand. The sisters had not studied fashion, but we clearly saw where they were coming from: Art.

Mounaz has always been a skilled painter, exhibiting internationally, while Aya took the visual art turn. They both had an artistic drive that was itching to be realized into a greater holistic project that joins both's passions. And that's what they pursued through Okhtein.  

Driven since day one by a far-reaching vision, Okhtein aimed to revive an artisanship that is deep-rooted in our Egyptian identity.

Okhtein dived deep into the origins of Egyptian metalwork and rekindled the craftsmen. Thinking philanthropically, they empowered a large number of skilled men and women through the creation of 100% handmade pieces.

With a fresh perspective, Okhtein turned a dwindling local craft into a carriable piece of art for all the world to marvel at. When their big picture fell into place and gained recognition, it was no surprise Aya and Mounaz Abdelraouf made it to Middle East's Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2019. This feat marked their paved track towards a stronger influence, all through Okhtein.

Without a doubt, Okhtein's originality in design never fails to attract even the savviest of trendsetters. You know it's major when Beyoncé is a fan. Apparently, Queen B is absolutely in love with Okhtein's bags, wearing them three times. Beyoncé totally rocked the Dome Belt bag in a bold orange. Second time, Beyoncé flaunted a distinct Hands of Brass Tally piece, inspired by the art of Tally embroidery, handmade by Assiut's talented women. The piece reflects strength of character that Beyoncé practically embodies, and also celebrates the traditional Tally art.

Not to mention, Gigi Hadid has been one of Okhtein's early fans, boasting some of the signature pieces several times. It seems like Gigi is very fond of Okhtein's Palmette Flower Minaudière, a classic.

Recently, Cardi B's picture with Rihanna was the talk of town; when she took it to Instagram she wasn't only telling us about her good time with Riri, but Cardi was so happily showing off the iconic hexagon Palmette Minaudière. Since Okhtein's pieces are of the few that can be recognized at first glance without a logo, it's the ultimate go-to for beloved fashion icons such as Emma Watson, Queen Rania, Halle Berry, Kris Jenner, and more stylish ladies that set the standards when it comes to elegance.